All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

0.10.0 - 2021-03-28: Neutralizing Fee Therapy

This release named by @jsarenik.


  • Protocol: we treat error messages from peer which refer to “all channels” as warnings, not errors. (#4364)

  • Protocol: we now report the new (draft) warning message. (#4364)

  • JSON-RPC: connect returns address it actually connected to (#4436)

  • JSON-RPC: connect returns “direction” (”in”: they initiated, or “out”: we initiated) ([#4452])

  • JSON-RPC: txprepare and withdraw now return a psbt field. (#4428)

  • JSON-RPC: fundchannel_complete takes a psbt parameter. (#4428)

  • pay: pay will now remove routehints that are unusable due to the entrypoint being unknown or unreachable. (#4404)

  • Plugins: peer_connected hook and connect notifications have “direction” field. ([#4452])

  • Plugins: If there is a misconfiguration with important plugins we now abort early with a more descriptive error message. (#4418)

  • pyln: Plugins that are run from the command line print helpful information on how to configure c-lightning to include them and print metadata about what RPC methods and options are exposed. (#4419)

  • JSON-RPC: listpeers now shows latest feerate and unilateral close fee. (#4407)

  • JSON-RPC: listforwards can now filter by status, in and out channel. (#4349)

  • JSON-RPC: Add new parameter excess_as_change to fundpsbt+utxopsbt (#4368)

  • JSON-RPC: addgossip allows direct injection of network gossip messages. (#4361)

  • pyln-testing: The RPC client will now pretty-print requests and responses to facilitate log-based debugging. (#4357)


  • Plugins: the rpc_command hook is now chainable. (#4384)

  • JSON-RPC: If bitcoind won’t give a fee estimate in regtest, use minimum. (#4405)

  • Protocol: we use sync_complete for gossip range query replies, with detection for older spec nodes. (#4389)

  • Plugins: peer_connected rejections now send a warning, not an error, to the peer. (#4364)

  • Protocol: we now send warning messages and close the connection, except on unrecoverable errors. (#4364)

  • JSON-RPC: sendpay no longer extracts updates from errors, the caller should do it from the raw_message. (#4361)

  • Plugins: peer_connected hook is now chainable (#4351)

  • Plugins: custommsg hook is now chainable (#4358)


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • JSON-RPC: fundchannel_complete txid and txout parameters (use psbt) (#4428)

  • Plugins: The message field on the custommsg hook is deprecated in favor of the payload field, which skips the internal prefix. (#4394)


  • bcli replacements must allow allowhighfees argument (deprecated 0.9.1). (#4362)

  • listsendpays will no longer add amount_msat null (deprecated 0.9.1). (#4362)


  • Protocol: overzealous close when peer sent more HTLCs than they’d told us we could send. (#4432)

  • pay: Report the correct decoding error if bolt11 parsing fails. (#4404)

  • pay: pay will now abort early if the destination is not reachable directly nor via routehints. (#4404)

  • pay: pay was reporting in-flight parts as failed (#4404)

  • pay: pay would crash on corrupt gossip store, which (if version was ever wrong) we’d corrupt again ([#4453])

  • pyln: Fixed an error when calling listfunds with an older c-lightning version causing an error about an unknown spent parameter (#4417)

  • Plugins: dev-sendcustommsg included the type and length prefix when sending a message. (#4413)

  • Plugins: The custommsg hook no longer includes the internal type prefix and length prefix in its payload (#4394)

  • db: Fixed an access to a NULL-field in the channel_htlcs table and resulting warning. (#4378)

  • pay: Payments with an empty route (self-payment) are now aborted. (#4379)

  • Protocol: always accept channel_updates from errors, even they’d otherwise be rejected as spam. (#4361)

  • connectd: Occasional crash in connectd due to use-after-free (#4360)

  • lightningd: JSON failures when –daemon is used without –log-file. (#4350)

  • lightningd: don’t assert if time goes backwards temporarily. ([#4449])


These options are either enabled by explicit experimental config parameters, or building with --enable-experimental-features.

  • lightningd: experimental-dual-fund runtime flag will enable dual-funded protocol on this node ([#4427])

  • lightningd: experimental-shutdown-wrong-funding to allow remote nodes to close incorrectly opened channels. (#4421)

  • JSON-RPC: close has a new wrong_funding option to try to close out unused channels where we messed up the funding tx. (#4421)

  • JSON-RPC: Permit user-initiated aborting of in-progress opens. Only valid for not-yet-committed opens and RBF-attempts (#4424)

  • JSON-RPC: listpeers now includes ‘last_feerate’, ‘next_feerate’, ‘initial_feerate’ and ‘next_fee_step’ for channels in state DUALOPEND_AWAITING_LOCKIN (#4399)

0.9.3 - 2021-01-20: Federal Qualitative Strengthening

This release named by Karol Hosiawa.


  • JSON-RPC: The listfunds method now includes spent outputs if the spent parameter is set to true. (#4296)

  • JSON-RPC: createinvoice new low-level invoice creation API. (#4256)

  • JSON-RPC: invoice now takes an optional cltv parameter. (#4320)

  • JSON-RPC: listinvoices can now query for an invoice matching a payment_hash or a bolt11 string, in addition to label (#4312)

  • JSON-RPC: fundpsbt/utxopsbt have new param, min_witness_utxo, which sets a floor for the weight calculation of an added input (#4211)

  • docs: doc/ describes how to back up your C-lightning node. (#4207)

  • fee_base and fee_ppm to listpeers (#4247)

  • hsmtool: password must now be entered on stdin. Password passed on the command line are discarded. (#4303)

  • plugins: start command can now take plugin-specific parameters. (#4278)

  • plugins: new “multi” field allows an option to be specified multiple times. (#4278)

  • pyln-client: fundpsbt/utxopsbt now support min_witness_weight param (#4295)

  • pyln: Added support for command notifications to LightningRpc via the notify context-manager. (#4311)

  • pyln: Plugin methods can now report progress or status via the Request.notify function (#4311)

  • pyln: plugins can now raise RpcException for finer control over error returns. (#4279)

  • experimental-offers: enables fetch, payment and creation of (early draft) offers. (#4328)

  • libplugin: init can return a non-NULL string to disable the plugin. (#4328)

  • plugins: plugins can now disable themselves by returning disable, even if marked important. (#4328)

  • experimental-onion-messages enables send, receive and relay of onion messages. (#4328)


  • JSON-RPC: invalid UTF-8 strings now rejected. (#4227)

  • bitcoin: The default network was changed from “testnet” to “mainnet”, this only affects new nodes (#4277)

  • cli: lightning-cli now performs better sanity checks on the JSON-RPC requests it sends. (#4259)

  • hsmd: we now error at startup on invalid hsm_secret (#4307)

  • hsmtool: all commands now error on invalid hsm_secret (#4307)

  • hsmtool: the encrypt now asks you to confirm your password (#4307)

  • lightningd: the --encrypted-hsm now asks you to confirm your password when first set (#4307)

  • plugins: Multiple plugins can now register db_write hooks. (#4220)

  • plugins: more than one plugin can now register invoice_payment hook. (#4226)

  • pyln: Millisatoshi has new method, to_whole_satoshi; rounds value up to the nearest whole satoshi (#4295)

  • pyln: txprepare no longer supports the deprecated destination satoshi feerate utxos call format. (#4259)


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.


  • plugins: options to init are no longer given as strings if they are bool or int types (deprecated in 0.8.2). (#4278)


  • JSON-RPC: The status of the shutdown meesages being exchanged is now displayed correctly. (#4263)

  • JSONRPC: setchannelfee would fail an assertion if channel wasn’t in normal state. (#4282)

  • db: Fixed a performance regression during block sync, resulting in many more queries against the DB than necessary. (#4319)

  • hsmtool: the generatehsm command now generates an appropriately-sized hsm_secret (#4304)

  • keysend: Keysend now checks whether the destination supports keysend before attempting a payment. If not a more informative error is returned. (#4236)

  • log: Do not terminate on the second received SIGHUP. (#4243)

  • onchaind is much faster when unilaterally closing old channels. (#4250)

  • onchaind uses much less memory on unilateral closes for old channels. (#4250)

  • pay: Fixed an issue where waiting for the blockchain height to sync could time out. (#4317)

  • pyln: parsing msat from a float string (#4237)

  • hsmtool: fix a segfault on dumponchaindescriptors without network parameter (#4341)

  • db: Speed up deletion of peer especially when there is a long history with that peer. (#4337)


0.9.2 - 2020-11-20: Now with 0-of-N Multisig

This release named by Sergi Delgado Segura.

  • Note: PSBTs now require bitcoind v0.20.1 or above *


  • JSON-RPC: Added ‘state_changes’ history to listpeers channels (4126)

  • JSON-RPC: Added ‘opener’ and ‘closer’ to listpeers channels (4126)

  • JSON-RPC: close now sends notifications for slow closes (if allow-deprecated-apis=false) (4046)

  • JSON-RPC: notifications command to enable notifications. (4046)

  • JSON-RPC: multifundchannel has a new optional argument, ‘commitment_feerate’, which can be used to differentiate between the funding feerate and the channel’s initial commitment feerate (4139)

  • JSON-RPC fundchannel now accepts an optional ‘close_to’ param, a bitcoin address that the channel funding should be sent to on close. Requires opt_upfront_shutdownscript (4132)

  • Plugins: Channel closure resaon/cause to channel_state_changed notification (4126)

  • Plugins: htlc_accepted hook can now return custom failure_onion. (4187)

  • Plugins: hooks can now specify that they must be called ‘before’ or ‘after’ other plugins. (4168)

  • hsmtool: a new command was added to hsmtool for dumping descriptors of the onchain wallet (4171)

  • hsmtool: hsm_secret generation from a seed-phrase following BIP39. (4065)

  • cli: print notifications and progress bars if commands provide them. (4046)

  • pyln-client: pyln.client handles and can send progress notifications. (4046)

  • pyln-client: Plugin method and hook requests prevent the plugin developer from accidentally setting the result multiple times, and will raise an exception detailing where the result was first set. (4094)

  • pyln-client: Plugins have been integrated with the logging module for easier debugging and error reporting. (4101)

  • pyln-proto: Added pure python implementation of the sphinx onion creation and processing functionality. (4056)

  • libplugin: routines to send notification updates and progress. (4046)

  • build: clang build now supports –enable-address-sanitizer . (4013)

  • db: Added support for key-value DSNs for postgresql, allowing for a wider variety of configurations and environments. (4072)


    • Requires bitcoind v0.20.1 or above * (4179)

  • Plugins: pay will now try disabled channels as a last resort. (4093)

  • Protocol: mutual closing feerate reduced to “slow” to avoid overpaying. (4113)

  • In-memory log buffer reduced from 100MB to 10MB (4087)


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • cli: scripts should filter out ‘^# ‘ or use -N none, as commands will start returning notifications soon (4046)


  • Protocol: Support for receiving full gossip from ancient LND nodes. (4184)

  • JSON-RPC: plugin stop result with an empty (””) key (deprecated 0.8.1) (4049)

  • JSON-RPC: The hook rpc_command returning {"continue": true} (deprecated 0.8.1) (4049)

  • JSON-RPC: The hook db_write can no longer return true (deprecated in 0.8.1) (4049)

  • JSON-RPC: htlc_accepted hook per_hop_v0 object removed (deprecated 0.8.0) (4049)

  • JSON-RPC: listconfigs duplicated “plugin” paths (deprecated 0.8.0) (4049)

  • Plugin: Relative plugin paths are not relative to startup (deprecated v0.7.2.1) (4049)


  • Network: Fixed a race condition when us and a peer attempt to make channels to each other at nearly the same time. (4116)

  • Protocol: fixed retransmission order of multiple new HTLCs (causing channel close with LND) (4124)

  • Protocol: signet is now compatible with the final bitcoin-core version (4078)

  • Crash: assertion fail at restart when source and destination channels of an HTLC are both onchain. (4122)

  • We are now able to parse any amount string (XXXmsat, XX.XXXbtc, ..) we create. (4129)

  • Some memory leaks in transaction and PSBT manipulate closed. (4071)

  • openingd now uses the correct dust limit for determining the allowable floor for a channel open (affects fundee only) (4141)

  • Plugin: Regression with SQL statement expansion that could result in invalid statements being passed to the db_write hook. (4090)

  • build: no longer spuriously regenerates generated sources due to differences in readdir(3) sort order. (4053)

  • db: Fixed a broken migration on postgres DBs that had really old channels. (4064)


0.9.1 - 2020-09-15: The Antiguan BTC Maximalist Society

This release named by Jon Griffiths.


  • JSON-RPC: multiwithdraw command to batch multiple onchain sends in a single transaction. Note it shuffles inputs and outputs, does not use BIP69. (3812)

  • JSON-RPC: multifundchannel command to fund multiple channels to different peers all in a single onchain transaction. (3763)

  • JSON-RPC: delpay command to delete a payment once completed or failed. (3899)

  • Plugins: channel_state_changed notification (4020)

  • JSON-RPC: listpays can be used to query payments using the payment_hash (3888)

  • JSON-RPC: listpays now includes the payment_hash (3888)

  • JSON-RPC: listpays now includes the timestamp of the first part of the payment (3909)

  • Build: New reproducible build system now uses docker: try it at home with doc/! (4021)

  • Plugins: Proxy information now provided in init.configuration. (4010)

  • Plugins: openchannel_hook is now chainable (3960)

  • JSON-RPC: listpeers shows features list for each channel. (3963)

  • JSON-RPC: signpsbt takes an optional signonly array to limit what inputs to sign. (3954)

  • JSON-RPC: utxopsbt takes a new locktime parameter (3954)

  • JSON-RPC: fundpsbt takes a new locktime parameter (3954)

  • JSON-RPC: New low-level command utxopsbt to create PSBT from existing utxos. (3845)

  • JSON-RPC: listfunds now has a redeemscript field for p2sh-wrapped outputs. (3844)

  • JSON-RPC: fundchannel has new outnum field indicating which output of the transaction funds the channel. (3844)

  • pyln-client: commands and options can now mark themselves deprecated. (3883)

  • Plugins: can now mark their options and commands deprecated. (3883)

  • plugins: getmanifest may now include “allow-deprecated-apis” boolean flag. (3883)

  • JSON-RPC: listpays now lists the destination if it was provided (e.g., via the pay plugin or keysend plugin) (3888)

  • config: New option --important-plugin loads a plugin is so important that if it dies, lightningd will exit rather than continue. You can still --disable-plugin it, however, which trumps --important-plugin and it will not be started at all. (3890)

  • Plugins: We now explicitly check at startup that our default Bitcoin backend (bitcoind) does relay transactions. (3889)

  • Plugins: We now explicitly check at startup the version of our default Bitcoin backend (bitcoind). (3889)


  • Build: we no longer require extra Python modules to build. (3994)

  • Build: SQLite3 is no longer a hard build requirement. C-Lightning can now be built to support only the PostgreSQL back-end. (3999)

  • gossipd: The gossipd is now a lot quieter, and will log only when a message changed our network topology. (3981)

  • Protocol: We now make MPP-aware routehints in invoices. (3913)

  • onchaind: We now scorch the earth on theft attempts, RBFing up our penalty transaction as blocks arrive without a penalty transaction getting confirmed. (3870)

  • Protocol: fundchannel now shuffles inputs and outputs, and no longer follows BIP69. (3769)

  • JSON-RPC: withdraw now randomizes input and output order, not BIP69. (3867)

  • JSON-RPC: txprepare reservations stay across restarts: use fundpsbt/reservepsbt/unreservepsbt (3867)

  • config: min-capacity-sat is now stricter about checking usable capacity of channels. (3969)

  • Protocol: Ignore (and log as “unusual”) repeated WIRE_CHANNEL_REESTABLISH messages, to be compatible with buggy peer software that sometimes does this. (3964)

  • contrib: startup_ln now takes a number of nodes to create as a parameter (3992)

  • JSON-RPC: invoice no longer accepts zero amounts (did you mean “any”?) (3974)

  • Protocol: channels now pruned after two weeks unless both peers refresh it (see lightning-rfc#767) (3959)

  • Protocol: bolt11 invoices always include CLTV fields (see lightning-rfc#785) (3959)

  • config: the default CLTV expiry is now 34 blocks, and final expiry 18 blocks as per new BOLT recommendations. (3959)

  • Plugins: Builtin plugins are now marked as important, and if they crash, will cause C-lightning to stop as well. (3890)

  • Protocol: Funding timeout is now based on the header count reported by the bitcoin backend instead of our current blockheight which might be lower. (3897)

  • JSON-RPC: delinvoice will now report specific error codes: 905 for failing to find the invoice, 906 for the invoice status not matching the parameter. (3853)


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • Plugins: bcli replacements should note that sendrawtransaction now has a second required Boolean argument, allowhighfees, which if true, means ignore any fee limits and just broadcast the transaction. (3870)

  • JSON-RPC: listsendpays will no longer add null if we don’t know the amount_msat for a payment. (3883)

  • Plugins: getmanifest without any parameters; plugins should accept any parameters for future use. (3883)


  • JSON-RPC: txprepare destination satoshi argument form removed (deprecated v0.7.3) (3867)


  • Plugins: pay presplit modifier now supports large payments without exhausting the available HTLCs. (3986)

  • Plugins: pay corrects a case where we put the sub-payment value instead of the total value in the total_msat field of a multi-part payment. (3914)

  • Plugins: pay is less aggressive with forgetting routehints. (3914)

  • Plugins: pay no longer ignores routehints if the payment exceeds 10,000 satoshi. This is particularly bad if the payee is only reachable via routehints in an invoice. (3908)

  • Plugins: pay limits the number of splits if the payee seems to have a low number of channels that can enter it, given the max-concurrent-htlcs limit. (3936)

  • Plugins: pay will now make reliable multi-part payments to nodes it doesn’t have a node_announcement for. (4035)

  • JSON-RPC: significant speedups for plugins which create large JSON replies (e.g. listpays on large nodes). (3957)

  • doc: Many missing manual pages were completed (3938)

  • Build: Fixed compile error on macos (4019)

  • pyln: Fixed HTLCs hanging indefinitely if the hook function raises an exception. A safe fallback result is now returned instead. (4031)

  • Protocol: We now hang up if peer doesn’t respond to init message after 60 seconds. (4039)

  • elementsd: PSBTs include correct witness_utxo struct for elements transactions (4033)

  • cli: fixed crash with listconfigs in -H mode (4012)

  • Plugins: bcli significant speedups for block synchronization (3985)

  • Build: On systems with multiple installed versions of the PostgreSQL client library, C-Lightning might link against the wrong version or fail to find the library entirely. ./configure now uses pg_config to locate the library. (3995)

  • Build: On some operating systems the postgresql library would not get picked up. ./configure now uses pg_config to locate the headers. (3991)

  • libplugin: significant speedups for reading large JSON replies (e.g. calling listsendpays on large nodes, or listchannels / listnodes). (3957)


0.9.0 - 2020-07-31: “Rat Poison Squared on Steroids”

This release was named by Sebastian Falbesoner.


  • plugin: pay was rewritten to use the new payment flow. See legacypay for old version (3809)

  • plugin: pay will split payments that are failing due to their size into smaller parts, if recipient supports the basic_mpp option (3809)

  • plugin: pay will split large payments into parts of approximately 10k sat if the recipient supports the basic_mpp option (3809)

  • plugin: The pay plugin has a new --disable-mpp flag that allows opting out of the above two multi-part payment addition. (3809)

  • JSON-RPC: new low-level coin selection fundpsbt routine. (3825)

  • JSON-RPC: The pay command now uses the new payment flow, the new legacypay command can be used to issue payment with the legacy code if required. (3826)

  • JSON-RPC: The keysend command allows sending to a node without requiring an invoice first. (3792)

  • JSON-RPC: listfunds now has a ‘scriptpubkey’ field. (3821)

  • docker: Docker build now includes LIGHTNINGD_NETWORK ENV variable which defaults to “bitcoin”. An user can override this (e.g. by -e option in docker run) to run docker container in regtest or testnet or any valid argument to --network. (3813)

  • cli: We now install lightning-hsmtool for your hsm_secret needs. (3802)

  • JSON-RPC: new call signpsbt which will add the wallet’s signatures to a provided psbt (3775)

  • JSON-RPC: new call sendpsbt which will finalize and send a signed PSBT (3775)

  • JSON-RPC: Adds two new rpc methods, reserveinputs and unreserveinputs, which allow for reserving or unreserving wallet UTXOs (3775)

  • Python: pyln.spec.bolt{1,2,4,7} packages providing python versions of the spec text and defined messages. (3777)

  • pyln: new module pyln.proto.message.bolts (3733)

  • cli: New --flat mode for easy grepping of lightning-cli output. (3722)

  • plugins: new notification type, coin_movement, which tracks all fund movements for a node (3614)

  • plugin: Added a new commitment_revocation hook that provides the plugin with penalty transactions for all revoked transactions, e.g., to push them to a watchtower. (3659)

  • JSON-API: listchannels now shows channel features. (3685)

  • plugin: New invoice_creation plugin event (3658)

  • docs: Install documentation now has information about building for Alpine linux (3660)

  • plugin: Plugins can opt out of having an RPC connection automatically initialized on startup. (3857)

  • JSON-RPC: sendonion has a new optional bolt11 argument for when it’s used to pay an invoice. (3878)

  • JSON-RPC: sendonion has a new optional msatoshi that is used to annotate the payment with the amount received by the destination. (3878)


  • JSON-RPC: fundchannel_cancel no longer requires its undocumented channel_id argument after fundchannel_complete. (3787)

  • JSON-RPC: fundchannel_cancel will now succeed even when executed while a fundchannel_complete is ongoing; in that case, it will be considered as cancelling the funding after the fundchannel_complete succeeds. (3778)

  • JSON-RPC: listfunds ‘outputs’ now includes reserved outputs, designated as ‘reserved’ = true (3764)

  • JSON-RPC: txprepare now prepares transactions whose nLockTime is set to the tip blockheight, instead of using 0. fundchannel will use nLockTime set to the tip blockheight as well. (3797)

  • build: default compile output is prettier and much less verbose (3686)

  • config: the plugin-disable option now works even if specified before the plugin is found. (3679)

  • plugins: The autoclean plugin is no longer dynamic (you cannot manage it with the plugin RPC command anymore). (3788)

  • plugin: The paystatus output changed as a result of the payment flow rework (3809)


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • JSON-RPC: the legacypay method from the pay plugin will be removed after pay proves stable (3809)


  • protocol: support for optional fields of the reestablish message are now compulsory. (3782)


  • JSON-RPC: Reject some bad JSON at parsing. (3761)

  • JSON-RPC: The feerate parameters now correctly handle the standardness minimum when passed as perkb. (3772)

  • JSON-RPC: listtransactions now displays all txids as little endian (3741)

  • JSON-RPC: pay now respects maxfeepercent, even for tiny amounts. (3693)

  • JSON-RPC: withdraw and txprepare feerate can be a JSON number. (3821)

  • bitcoin: lightningd now always exits if the Bitcoin backend failed unexpectedly. (3675)

  • cli: Bash completion on lightning-cli now works again (3719)

  • config: we now take the --commit-fee parameter into account. (3732)

  • db: Fixed a failing assertion if we reconnect to a peer that we had a channel with before, and then attempt to insert the peer into the DB twice. (3801)

  • hsmtool: Make the password argument optional for guesstoremote and dumpcommitments sub-commands, as shown in our documentation and help text. (3822)

  • macOS: Build for macOS Catalina / Apple clang v11.0.3 fixed (3756)

  • protocol: Fixed a deviation from BOLT#2: if both nodes advertised option_upfront_shutdown_script feature: MUST include … a zero-length shutdown_scriptpubkey. (3816)

  • wumbo: negotiate successfully with Eclair nodes. (3712)

  • plugin: bcli no longer logs a harmless warning about being unable to connect to the JSON-RPC interface. (3857)


0.8.2 - 2020-04-30: “A Scalable Ethereum Blockchain”

This release was named by @arowser.


  • pay: The keysend plugin implements the ability to receive spontaneous payments (keysend) (3611)

  • Plugin: the Bitcoin backend plugin API is now final. (3620)

  • Plugin: htlc_accepted hook can now offer a replacement onion payload. (3611)

  • Plugin: feature_set object added to init (3612)

  • Plugin: ‘flag’-type option now available. (3586)

  • JSON API: New getsharedsecret command, which lets you compute a shared secret with this node knowing only a public point. This implements the BOLT standard of hashing the ECDH point, and is incompatible with ECIES. (3490)

  • JSON API: large-channels option to negotiate opening larger channels. (3612)

  • JSON API: New optional parameter to the close command to control the closing transaction fee negotiation back off step (3390)

  • JSON API: connect returns features of the connected peer on success. (3612)

  • JSON API: listpeers now has receivable_msat (3572)

  • JSON API: The fields “opening”, “mutual_close”, “unilateral_close”, “delayed_to_us”, “htlc_resolution” and “penalty” have been added to the feerates command. (3570)

  • JSON API: “htlc_timeout_satoshis” and “htlc_success_satoshis” fields have been added to the feerates command. (3570)

  • pyln now sends proper error on bad calls to plugin methods (3640)

  • devtools: The onion tool can now generate, compress and decompress onions for rendez-vous routing (3557)

  • doc: An FAQ was added, accessible at (3551)


  • We now use a higher feerate for resolving onchain HTLCs and for penalty transactions (3592)

  • We now announce multiple addresses of the same type, if given. (3609)

  • pay: Improved the performance of the pay-plugin by limiting the listchannels when computing the shadow route. (3617)

  • JSON API: invoice exposeprivatechannels now includes explicitly named channels even if they seem like dead-ends. (3633)

  • Added workaround for lnd rejecting our commitment_signed when we send an update_fee after channel confirmed. (3634)

  • We now batch the requests for fee estimation to our Bitcoin backend. (3570)

  • We now get more fine-grained fee estimation from our Bitcoin backend. (3570)

  • Forwarding messages is now much faster (less inter-daemon traffic) (3547)

  • dependencies: We no longer depend on python2 which has reached end-of-life (3552)


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • JSON API: fundchannel_start satoshi field really deprecated now (use amount). (3603)

  • JSON API: The “urgent”, “slow”, and “normal” field of the feerates command are now deprecated. (3570)

  • JSON API: Removed double wrapping of rpc_command payload in rpc_command JSON field. (3560)

  • Plugins: htlc_accepted_hook “failure_code” only handles simple cases now, use “failure_message”. (3472)

  • Plugins: invoice_payment_hook “failure_code” only handles simple cases now, use “failure_message”. (3472)


  • JSON API: listnodes globalfeatures output (features since in 0.7.3). (3603)

  • JSON API: listpeers localfeatures and globalfeatures output (features since in 0.7.3). (3603)

  • JSON API: peer_connected hook localfeatures and globalfeatures output (features since in 0.7.3). (3603)

  • JSON API: fundchannel and fundchannel_start satoshi parameter removed (renamed to amount in 0.7.3). (3603)

  • JSON API: close force parameter removed (deprecated in (3603)

  • JSON API: sendpay description parameter removed (renamed to label in 0.7.0). (3603)


  • Plugins: A crashing plugin will no longer cause a hook call to be delayed indefinitely (3539)

  • Plugins: setting an ‘init’ feature bit allows us to accept it from peers. (3609)

  • Plugins: if an option has a type int or bool, return the option as that type to the plugin’s init (3582)

  • Plugins: Plugins no longer linger indefinitely if their process terminates (3539)

  • JSON API: Pending RPC method calls are now terminated if the handling plugin exits prematurely. (3639)

  • JSON API: fundchannel_start returns amount even when deprecated APIs are enabled. (3603)

  • JSON API: Passing 0 as minconf to withdraw allows you to use unconfirmed transaction outputs, even if explicitly passed as the utxos parameter (3593)

  • JSON API: txprepare doesn’t crash lightningd anymore if you pass unconfirmed utxos (3534)

  • invoice: The invoice parser assumed that an amount without a multiplier was denominated in msatoshi instead of bitcoins. (3636)

  • pay: The pay-plugin was generating non-contiguous shadow routes (3617)

  • pay would crash on expired waits with tried routes (3630)

  • pay would crash when attempting to find cheaper route with exemptfee (3630)

  • Multiple definition of chainparams on Fedora (or other really recent gcc) (3631)

  • bcli now handles 0msat outputs in gettxout. (3605)

  • Fix assertion on reconnect if we fail to run openingd. (3604)

  • Use lightning-rfc #740 feespike margin factor of 2 (3589)

  • Always broadcast the latest close transaction at the end of the close fee negotiation, instead of sometimes broadcasting the peer’s initial closing proposal. (3556)


0.8.1 - 2020-02-12: “Channel to the Moon”

This release named by Vasil Dimov @vasild.


  • Plugin: pluggable backends for Bitcoin data queries, default still bitcoind (using bitcoin-cli). (3488)

  • Plugin: Plugins can now signal support for experimental protocol extensions by registering featurebits for node_announcements, the connection handshake, and for invoices. For now this is limited to non-dynamic plugins only (3477)

  • Plugin: ‘plugin start’ now restores initial umask before spawning the plugin process (3375)

  • JSON API: fundchannel and fundchannel_start can now accept an optional parameter, push_msat, which will gift that amount of satoshis to the peer at channel open. (3369)

  • JSON API: waitanyinvoice now supports a timeout parameter, which when set will cause the command to fail if unpaid after timeout seconds (can be 0). (3449)

  • Config: --rpc-file-mode sets permissions on the JSON-RPC socket. (3437)

  • Config: --subdaemon allows alternate subdaemons. (3372)

  • lightningd: Optimistic locking prevents instances from running concurrently against the same database, providing linear consistency to changes. (3358)

  • hsmd: Added fields to hsm_sign_remote_commitment_tx to allow complete validation by signing daemon. (3363)

  • Wallet: withdrawal transactions now sets nlocktime to the current tip. (3465)

  • elements: Added support for the dynafed block header format and elementsd >=0.18.1 (3440)


  • JSON API: The hooks db_write, invoice_payment, and rpc_command now accept { "result": "continue" } to mean “do default action”. (3475)

  • Plugin: Multiple plugins can now register for the htlc_accepted hook. (3489)

  • JSON API: listforwards now shows out_channel even if we couldn’t forward.

  • JSON API: funchannel_cancel: only the opener of a fundchannel can cancel the channel open (3336)

  • JSON API: sendpay optional msatoshi param for non-MPP (if set), must be the exact amount sent to the final recipient. (3470)

  • JSON API: waitinvoice now returns error code 903 to designate that the invoice expired during wait, instead of the previous -2 (3441)

  • JSON_API: The connect command now returns its own error codes instead of a generic -1. (3397)

  • Plugin: notify_sendpay_success and notify_sendpay_failure are now always called, even if there is no command waiting on the result. (3405)

  • hsmtool: hsmtool now creates its backup copy in the same directory as the original hsm_secret file. (3409)

  • JSON API: invoice exposeprivatechannels can specify exact channel candidates. (3351)

  • JSON API: db_write new field data_version which contains a numeric transaction counter. (3358)

  • JSON API: plugin stop result is now accessible using the result key instead of the empty (’’) key. (3374)

  • lightning-cli: specifying --rpc-file (without --network) has been restored. (3353)


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • JSON API: The hook db_write returning true: use { "result": "continue" }. (3475)

  • JSON API: The hook invoice_payment returning {}: use { "result": "continue" }. (3475)

  • JSON API: The hook rpc_command returning {"continue": true}: use { "result": "continue" }. (3475)

  • JSON API: plugin stop result with an empty (””) key: use “result”. (3374)


  • Plugin: Relative plugin paths are not relative to startup (deprecated v0.7.2.1) (3471)

  • JSON API: Dummy fields in listforwards (deprecated v0.7.2.1) (3471)


  • Doc: Corrected and expanded lightning-listpeers.7 documentation. (3497)

  • Doc: Fixed factual errors in lightning-listchannels.7 documentation. (3494)

  • Protocol: Corner case where channel could become unusable ( (3500)

  • Plugins: Dynamic C plugins can now be managed when lightningd is up (3480)

  • Doc: connect: clarified failure problems and usage. (3459)

  • Doc: fundchannel: clarify that we automatically connects if your node knows how. (3459)

  • Protocol: Now correctly reject “fees” paid when we’re the final hop (lightning-rfc#711) (3474)

  • JSON API: txprepare no longer crashes when more than two outputs are specified (3384)

  • Pyln: now includes the “jsonrpc” field to jsonrpc2 requests (3442)

  • Plugin: pay now detects a previously non-permanent error (final_cltv_too_soon) that has been merged into a permanent error (incorrect_or_unknown_payment_details), and retries. (3376)

  • JSON API: The arguments for createonion are now checked to ensure they fit in the onion packet. (3404)

  • TOR: We don’t send any further request if the return code of connect is not zero or error. (3408)

  • Build: Developer mode compilation on FreeBSD. (3344)

  • Protocol: We now reject invoices which ask for sub-millisatoshi amounts (3481)


0.8.0 - 2019-12-16: “Blockchain Good, Orange Coin Bad”

This release was named by Michael Schmoock @m-schmoock.


  • JSON API: Added createonion and sendonion JSON-RPC methods allowing the implementation of custom protocol extensions that are not directly implemented in c-lightning itself. (3260)

  • JSON API: listinvoices now displays the payment preimage if the invoice was paid. (3295)

  • JSON API: listpeers channels now include close_to and close_to_addr iff a close_to address was specified at channel open (3223)

  • The new pyln-testing package now contains the testing infrastructure so it can be reused to test against c-lightning in external projects (3218)

  • config: configuration files now support include. (3268)

  • options: Allow the Tor inbound service port differ from 9735 (3155)

  • options: Persistent Tor address support (3155)

  • plugins: A new plugin hook, rpc_command allows a plugin to take over lightningd for any RPC command. (2925)

  • plugins: Allow the accepter to specify an upfront_shutdown_script for a channel via a close_to field in the openchannel hook result (3280)

  • plugins: Plugins may now handle modern TLV-style payloads via the htlc_accepted hook (3260)

  • plugins: libplugin now supports writing plugins which register to hooks (3317)

  • plugins: libplugin now supports writing plugins which register to notifications (3317)

  • protocol: Payment amount fuzzing is restored, but through shadow routing. (3212)

  • protocol: We now signal the network we are running on at init. (3300)

  • protocol: can now send and receive TLV-style onion messages. (3335)

  • protocol: can now send and receive BOLT11 payment_secrets. (3335)

  • protocol: can now receive basic multi-part payments. (3335)

  • JSON RPC: low-level commands sendpay and waitsendpay can now be used to manually send multi-part payments. (3335)

  • quirks: Workaround LND’s reply_channel_range issues instead of sending error. (3264)

  • tools: A new command, guesstoremote, is added to the hsmtool. It is meant to be used to recover funds after an unilateral close of a channel with option_static_remotekey enabled. (3292)


:warning: The default network and the default location of the lightning home directory changed. Please make sure that the configuration, key file and database are moved into the network-specific subdirectory.

  • config: Default network (new installs) is now bitcoin, not testnet. (3268)

  • config: Lightning directory, plugins and files moved into <network>/ subdir (3268)

  • JSON API: The fundchannel command now tries to connect to the peer before funding the channel, no need to connect before fundchannel if an address for the peer is known (3314)

  • JSON API: htlc_accepted hook has type (currently legacy or tlv) and other fields directly inside onion. (3167)

  • JSON API: lightning_ prefixes removed from subdaemon names, including in listpeers owner field. (3241)

  • JSON API: listconfigs now structures plugins and include their options (3283)

  • JSON API: the raw_payload now includes the first byte, i.e., the realm byte, of the payload as well. This allows correct decoding of a TLV payload in the plugins. (3261)

  • logging: formatting made uniform: [NODEID-]SUBSYSTEM: MESSAGE (3241)

  • options: config and <network>/config read by default. (3268)

  • options: log-level can now specify different levels for different subsystems. (3241)

  • protocol: The TLV payloads for the onion packets are no longer considered an experimental feature and generally available. (3260)

  • quirks: We’ll now reconnect and retry if we get an error on an established channel. This works around lnd sending error messages that may be non-fatal. (3340)

:warning: If you don’t have a config file, you now may need to specify the network to lightning-cli (3268)


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • JSON API: listconfigs duplicated “plugin” paths (3283)

  • JSON API: htlc_accepted hook per_hop_v0 object deprecated, as is short_channel_id for the final hop. (3167)


  • JSON: listpays won’t shown payments made via sendpay without a bolt11 string, or before 0.7.0. (3309)


  • JSON API: #3231 listtransactions crash (3256)

  • JSON API: listconfigs appends ‘…’ to truncated config options. (3268)

  • pyln-client now handles unicode characters in JSON-RPC requests and responses correctly. (3018)

  • bitcoin: If bitcoind goes backwards (e.g. reindex) refuse to start (unless forced with –rescan). (3274)

  • bug: gossipd crash on huge number of unknown channels. (3273)

  • gossip: No longer discard most node_announcements (fixes #3194) (3262)

  • options: We disable all dns even on startup the scan for bogus dns servers, if --always-use-proxy is set true (3251)

  • protocol: “Bad commitment signature” closing channels when we sent back-to-back update_fee messages across multiple reconnects. (3329)

  • protocol: Unlikely corner case is simultanous HTLCs near balance limits fixed. (3286)


0.7.3 - 2019-10-18: “Bitcoin’s Proof of Stake”

This release was named by @trueptolemy.


  • DB: lightningd now supports different SQL backends, instead of the default which is sqlite3. Adds a PostgresSQL driver

  • elements: Add support of Liquid-BTC on elements

  • JSON API: close now accepts an optional parameter destination, to which the to-local output will be sent.

  • JSON API: txprepare and withdraw now accept an optional parameter utxos, a list of utxos to include in the prepared transaction

  • JSON API: listfunds now lists a blockheight for confirmed transactions, and has connected and state fields for channels, like listpeers.

  • JSON API: fundchannel_start now includes field scriptpubkey

  • JSON API: New method listtransactions

  • JSON API: signmessage will now create a signature from your node on a message; checkmessage will verify it.

  • JSON API: fundchannel_start now accepts an optional parameter close_to, the address to which these channel funds should be sent to on close. Returns using_close_to if will use.

  • Plugin: new notifications sendpay_success and sendpay_failure.

  • Protocol: nodes now announce features in node_announcement broadcasts.

  • Protocol: we now offer option_gossip_queries_ex for finegrained gossip control.

  • Protocol: we now retransmit funding_locked upon reconnection while closing if there was no update

  • Protocol: no longer ask for initial_routing_sync (only affects ancient peers).

  • bolt11: support for parsing feature bits (field 9).

  • Wallet: we now support the encryption of the BIP32 master seed (a.k.a. hsm_secret).

  • pylightning: includes implementation of handshake protocol


  • Build: Now requires gettext

  • JSON API: The parameter exclude of getroute now also support node-id.

  • JSON API: txprepare now uses outputs as parameter other than destination and satoshi

  • JSON API: fundchannel_cancel is extended to work before funding broadcast.

  • JSON-API: pay can exclude error nodes if the failcode of sendpay has the NODE bit set

  • JSON API: The plugin command now returns on error. A timeout of 20 seconds is added to start and startdir subcommands at the end of which the plugin is errored if it did not complete the handshake with lightningd.

  • JSON API: The plugin command does not allow to start static plugins after lightningd startup anymore.

  • Protocol: We now push our own gossip to all peers, independent of their filter.

  • Protocol: Now follows spec in responses to short channel id queries on unknown chainhashes

  • Tor: We default now with autotor to generate if possible temporary ED25519-V3 onions. You can use new option enable-autotor-v2-mode to fallback to V2 RSA1024 mode.


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • JSON API: fundchannel now uses amount as the parameter name to replace satoshi

  • JSON API: fundchannel_start now uses amount as the parameter name to replace satoshi

  • JSON API: listpeers and listnodes fields localfeatures and globalfeatures (now just features).

  • Plugin: peer_connected hook fields localfeatures and globalfeatures (now just features).


  • JSON API: short_channel_id parameters in JSON commands with : separators (deprecated since 0.7.0).

  • JSON API: description parameters in pay and sendpay (deprecated since 0.7.0).

  • JSON API: description output field in waitsendpay and sendpay (deprecated since 0.7.0).

  • JSON API: listpayments (deprecated since 0.7.0).


  • Fixed bogus “Bad commit_sig signature” which caused channel closures when reconnecting after updating fees under simultaneous bidirectional traffic.

  • Relative --lightning_dir is now working again.

  • Build: MacOS now builds again (missing pwritev).

Security - 2019-08-19: “Nakamoto’s Pre-approval by US Congress”

This release was named by Antoine Poinsot @darosior.

(Technically a .1 release, as it contains last-minute fixes after 0.7.2 was tagged)


  • JSON API: a new command plugin allows one to manage plugins without restarting lightningd.

  • Plugin: a new boolean field can be added to a plugin manifest, dynamic. It allows a plugin to tell if it can be started or stopped “on-the-fly”.

  • Plugin: a new boolean field is added to the init’s configuration, startup. It allows a plugin to know if it has been started on lightningd startup.

  • Plugin: new notifications invoice_payment, forward_event and channel_opened.

  • Protocol: --enable-experimental-features adds gossip query extensions aka

  • contrib: new to connect to random mainnet nodes.

  • JSON API: listfunds now returns also funding_output for channels

  • Plugin: plugins can now suggest lightning-cli default to -H for responses.

  • Lightningd: add support for signet networks using the --network=signet or --signet startup option


  • Build: now requires python3-mako to be installed, i.e. sudo apt-get install python3-mako

  • JSON API: close optional arguments have changed: it now defaults to unilateral close after 48 hours.

  • Plugin: if the config directory has a plugins subdirectory, those are loaded.

  • lightningd: check bitcoind version when setup topology and confirm the version not older than v0.15.0.

  • Protocol: space out reconnections on startup if we have more than 5 peers.

  • JSON API: listforwards includes the ‘payment_hash’ field.

  • Plugin: now plugins always run from the lightning-dir for easy local storage.


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • Plugin: using startup-relative paths for plugin and plugin-dir: they’re now relative to lightning-dir.

  • JSON API: listforwards removed dummy (zero) fields for out_msat, fee_msat, in_channel and out_channel if unknown (i.e. deleted from db, or status is local-failed.



  • Plugin: pay no longer crashes on timeout.

  • Plugin: disconnect notifier now called if remote side disconnects.

  • channeld: ignore, and simply try reconnecting if lnd sends “sync error”.

  • Protocol: we now correctly ignore unknown odd messages.

  • wallet: We will now backfill blocks below our wallet start height on demand when we require them to verify gossip messages. This fixes an issue where we would not remove channels on spend that were opened below that start height because we weren’t tracking the funding output.

  • Detect when we’re still syncing with bitcoin network: don’t send or receive HTLCs or allow fundchannel.

  • Rare onchaind error where we don’t recover our own unilateral close with multiple same-preimage HTLCs fixed.


0.7.1 - 2019-06-29: “The Unfailing Twitter Consensus Algorithm”

This release was named by (C-Lightning Core Team member) Lisa Neigut @niftynei.


  • Protocol: we now enforce option_upfront_shutdown_script if a peer negotiates it.

  • JSON API: New command setchannelfee sets channel specific routing fees.

  • JSON API: new withdraw methods txprepare, txsend and txdiscard.

  • JSON API: add three new RPC commands: fundchannel_start, fundchannel_complete and fundchannel_cancel. Allows a user to initiate and complete a channel open using funds that are in a external wallet.

  • Plugin: new hooks db_write for intercepting database writes, invoice_payment for intercepting invoices before they’re paid, openchannel for intercepting channel opens, and htlc_accepted to decide whether to resolve, reject or continue an incoming or forwarded payment..

  • Plugin: new notification warning to report any LOG_UNUSUAL/LOG_BROKEN level event.

  • Plugin: Added a default plugin directory : lightning_dir/plugins. Each plugin directory it contains will be added to lightningd on startup.

  • Plugin: the connected hook can now send an error_message to the rejected peer.

  • JSON API: newaddr outputs bech32 or p2sh-segwit, or both with new all parameter (#2390)

  • JSON API: listpeers status now shows how many confirmations until channel is open (#2405)

  • Config: Adds parameter min-capacity-sat to reject tiny channels.

  • JSON API: listforwards now includes the time an HTLC was received and when it was resolved. Both are expressed as UNIX timestamps to facilitate parsing (Issue #2491, PR #2528)

  • JSON API: listforwards now includes the local_failed forwards with failcode (Issue #2435, PR #2524)

  • DB: Store the signatures of channel announcement sent from remote peer into DB, and init channel with signatures from DB directly when reenable the channel. (Issue #2409)

  • JSON API: listchannels has new fields htlc_minimum_msat and htlc_maximum_msat.


  • Gossip: we no longer compact the gossip_store file dynamically, due to lingering bugs. Restart if it gets too large.

  • Protocol: no longer ask for entire gossip flood from peers, unless we’re missing gossip.

  • JSON API: invoice expiry defaults to 7 days, and can have s/m/h/d/w suffixes.

  • Config: Increased default amount for minimal channel capacity from 1k sat to 10k sat.

  • JSON API: A new parameter is added to fundchannel, which now accepts an utxo array to use to fund the channel.

  • Build: Non-developer builds are now done with “-Og” optimization.

  • JSON API: pay will no longer return failure until it is no longer retrying; previously it could “timeout” but still make the payment.

  • JSON API: the command objects that help outputs now contain a new string field : category (can be “bitcoin”, “channels”, “network”, “payment”, “plugins”, “utility”, “developer” for native commands, or any other new category set by a plugin).

  • Plugin: a plugin can now set the category of a newly created RPC command. This possibility has been added to libplugin.c and pylightning.

  • lightning-cli: the human readable help is now more human and more readable : commands are sorted alphabetically and ordered by categories.


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • JSON API: newaddr output field address: use bech32 or p2sh-segwit instead.


  • JSON RPC: global_features and local_features fields and listchannelsflags field. (Deprecated since 0.6.2).

  • pylightning: Remove RPC support for c-lightning before 0.6.3.


  • Protocol: reconnection during closing negotiation now supports option_data_loss_protect properly.

  • --bind-addr=<path> fixed for nodes using local sockets (eg. testing).

  • Unannounced local channels were forgotten for routing on restart until reconnection occurred.

  • lightning-cli: arguments containing " now succeed, rather than causing JSON errors.

  • Protocol: handle lnd sending more messages before reestablish; don’t fail channel, and handle older lnd’s spurious empty commitments.

  • Fixed fundchannel crash when we have many UTXOs and we skip unconfirmed ones.

  • lightningd: fixed occasional hang on connect when peer had sent error.

  • JSON RPC: decodeinvoice and pay now handle unknown invoice fields properly.

  • JSON API: waitsendpay (PAY_STOPPED_RETRYING) error handler now returns valid JSON

  • protocol: don’t send multiple identical feerate changes if we want the feerate higher than we can afford.

  • JSON API: stop now only returns once lightningd has released all resources.


0.7.0 - 2019-02-28: “Actually an Altcoin”

This release was named by Mark Beckwith @wythe.


  • plugins: fully enabled, and ready for you to write some!

  • plugins: pay is now a plugin.

  • protocol: pay will now use routehints in invoices if it needs to.

  • build: reproducible source zipfile and Ubuntu 18.04.1 build.

  • JSON API: New command paystatus gives detailed information on pay commands.

  • JSON API: getroute, invoice, sendpay and pay commands msatoshi parameter can have suffixes msat, sat (optionally with 3 decimals) or btc (with 1 to 11 decimal places).

  • JSON API: fundchannel and withdraw commands satoshi parameter can have suffixes msat (must end in 000), sat or btc (with 1 to 8 decimal places).

  • JSON API: decodepay, getroute, sendpay, pay, listpeers, listfunds, listchannels and all invoice commands now return an amount_msat field which has an msat suffix.

  • JSON API: listfunds channels now has _msat fields for each existing raw amount field, with msat suffix.

  • JSON API: waitsendpay now has an erring_direction field.

  • JSON API: listpeers now has a direction field in channels.

  • JSON API: listchannels now takes a source option to filter by node id.

  • JSON API: getroute riskfactor argument is simplified; pay now defaults to setting it to 10.

  • JSON API: sendpay now takes a bolt11 field, and it’s returned in listpayments and waitsendpay.

  • JSON API: fundchannel and withdraw now have a new parameter minconf that limits coinselection to outputs that have at least minconf confirmations (default 1). (#2380)

  • JSON API: listfunds now displays addresses for all outputs owned by the wallet (#2387)

  • JSON API: waitsendpay and sendpay output field label as specified by sendpay call.

  • JSON API: listpays command for higher-level payment view than listpayments, especially important with multi-part-payments coming.

  • JSON API: listpayments is now listsendpays.

  • lightning-cli: help <cmd> finds man pages even if make install not run.

  • pylightning: New class ‘Millisatoshi’ can be used for JSON API, and new ‘_msat’ fields are turned into this on reading.


  • protocol: option_data_loss_protect is now enabled by default.

  • JSON API: The short_channel_id separator has been changed to be x to match the specification.

  • JSON API: listpeers now includes funding_allocation_msat, which returns a map of the amounts initially funded to the channel by each peer, indexed by channel id.

  • JSON API: help with a command argument gives a JSON array, like other commands.

  • JSON API: sendpay description parameter is renamed label.

  • JSON API: pay now takes an optional label parameter for labelling payments, in place of never-used description.

  • build: we’ll use the system libbase58 and libsodium if found suitable.


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

We recommend that you transition to the reading the new JSON _msat fields for your own sanity checking, and that you similarly provide appropriate suffixes for JSON input fields.

  • JSON API: short_channel_id fields in JSON commands with : separators (use x instead).

  • JSON API: pay description is deprecated, as is support for BOLT11 strings using h.

  • JSON API: sendpay parameter description and waitsendpay and sendpay output fields description (now label).

  • JSON API: listpayments has been deprecated (you probably want listpays)


  • JSON API: the waitsendpay command error return no longer includes channel_update


  • Protocol: handling query_channel_range for large numbers of blocks (eg. 4 billion) was slow due to a bug.

  • Fixed occasional deadlock with peers when exchanging huge amounts of gossip.

  • Fixed a crash when running in daemon-mode due to db filename overrun (#2348)

  • Handle lnd sending premature ‘funding_locked’ message when we’re expected ‘reestablish’; we used to close channel if this happened.

  • Cleanup peers that started opening a channel, but then disconnected. These would leave a dangling entry in the DB that would cause this peer to be unable to connect. (PR #2371)

  • You can no longer make giant unpayable “wumbo” invoices.

  • CLTV of total route now correctly evaluated when finding best route.

  • riskfactor arguments to pay and getroute now have an effect.

  • Fixed the version of bip32 private_key to BIP32_VER_MAIN_PRIVATE: we used BIP32_VER_MAIN_PRIVATE for bitcoin/litecoin mainnet, and BIP32_VER_TEST_PRIVATE for others. (PR #2436)


0.6.3 - 2019-01-09: “The Smallblock Conspiracy”

This release was named by @molxyz and @ctrlbreak.


  • JSON API: New command check checks the validity of a JSON API call without running it.

  • JSON API: getinfo now returns num_peers num_pending_channels, num_active_channels and num_inactive_channels fields.

  • JSON API: use \n\n to terminate responses, for simplified parsing (pylightning now relies on this)

  • JSON API: fundchannel now includes an announce option, when false it will keep channel private. Defaults to true.

  • JSON API: listpeers’s channels now includes a private flag to indicate if channel is announced or not.

  • JSON API: invoice route hints may now include private channels if you have no public ones, unless new option exposeprivatechannels is false.

  • Plugins: experimental plugin support for lightningd, including option passthrough and JSON-RPC passthrough.

  • Protocol: we now support features option_static_remotekey and gossip_queries_ex for peers.


  • JSON API: pay and decodepay accept and ignore lightning: prefixes.

  • pylightning: Allow either keyword arguments or positional arguments.

  • JSON-RPC: messages are now separated by 2 consecutive newlines.

  • JSON-RPC: jsonrpc:2.0 now included in json-rpc command calls. complies with spec.


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • pylightning: Support for pre-2-newline JSON-RPC (<= 0.6.2 lightningd) is deprecated.


  • option_data_loss_protect is now only offered if EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES is enabled, since it seems incompatible with lnd and has known bugs.


  • JSON API: uppercase invoices now parsed correctly (broken in 0.6.2).

  • JSON API: commands are once again read even if one hasn’t responded yet (broken in 0.6.2).

  • Protocol: allow lnd to send update_fee before funding_locked.

  • Protocol: fix limit on how much funder can send (fee was 1000x too small)

  • Protocol: don’t send invalid onion errors if peer says onion was bad.

  • Protocol: don’t crash when peer sends a 0-block-expiry HTLC.

  • pylightning: handle multiple simultanous RPC replies reliably.

  • build: we use --prefix as handed to ./configure


0.6.2 - 2018-10-20: “The Consensus Loving Nasal Daemon”

This release was named by practicalswift.


  • JSON API: listpeers has new field scratch_txid: the latest tx in channel.

  • JSON API: listpeers has new array htlcs: the current live payments.

  • JSON API: listchannels has two new fields: message_flags and channel_flags. This replaces flags.

  • JSON API: invoice now adds route hint to invoices for incoming capacity (RouteBoost), and warns if insufficient capacity.

  • JSON API: listforwards lists all forwarded payments, their associated channels, and fees.

  • JSON API: getinfo shows forwarding fees earnt as msatoshi_fees_collected.

  • Bitcoind: more parallelism in requests, for very slow nodes.

  • Testing: fixed logging, cleaner interception of bitcoind, minor fixes.

  • Protocol: we set and handle the new htlc_maximum_msat channel_update field.


  • Protocol: channel_update sent to disable channel only if we reject an HTLC.

  • Protocol: we don’t send redundant node_announcement on every new channel.

  • Config: config file can override lightning-dir (makes sense with --conf).

  • Config: --conf option is now relative to current directory, not lightning-dir.

  • lightning-cli: help <cmd> prints basic information even if no man page found.

  • JSON API: getinfo now reports global statistics about forwarded payments, including total fees earned and amounts routed.


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • JSON RPC: listchannelsflags field. This has been split into two fields, see Added.

  • JSON RPC: global_features and local_features fields: use globalfeatures and localfeatures as per BOLT #1.


  • JSON API: the optional ‘seed’ parameter to getroute was removed.


  • Startup: more coherent complaint if daemon already running.

  • Lightningd: correctly save full HTLCs across restarts; fixup old databases.

  • JSON RPC: getinfo now shows correct Tor port.

  • JSON RPC: ping now works even after one peer fails to respond.

  • JSON RPC: getroute fuzzpercent and pay maxfeepercent can now be > 100.

  • JSON RPC: riskfactor in pay and getroute no longer always treated as 1.

  • JSON-RPC: listpeers was always reporting 0 for all stats.

  • JSON RPC: withdraw all says Cannot afford transaction if you have absolutely no funds, rather than Output 0 satoshis would be dust.

  • Protocol: don’t send gossip about closed channels.

  • Protocol: fix occasional deadlock when both peers flood with gossip.

  • Protocol: fix occasional long delay on sending reply_short_channel_ids_end.

  • Protocol: re-send node_announcement when address/alias/color etc change.

  • Protocol: multiple HTLCs with the same payment_hash are handled correctly.

  • Options: ‘autotor’ defaults to port 9051 if not specified.


0.6.1 - 2018-09-11: “Principled Opposition To Segwit”

This release was named by ZmnSCPxj.


  • Protocol: gossipd now deliberately delays spamming with channel_update.

  • Protocol: liveness ping when we commit changes but peer is idle: speeds up failures and reduces forced closures.

  • Protocol: option_data_loss_protect now supported to protect peers against being out-of-date.

  • JSON API: Added description to invoices and payments (#1740).

  • JSON API: getinfo has new fields alias and color.

  • JSON API: listpeers has new fields global_features and local_features.

  • JSON API: listnodes has new field global_features.

  • JSON API: ping command to send a ping to a connected peer.

  • JSON API: feerates command to retrieve current fee estimates.

  • JSON API: withdraw and fundchannel can be given manual feerate.

  • Config: --conf option to set config file.

  • Documentation: Added

  • pylightning: RpcError now has method and payload fields.

  • Sending lightningd a SIGHUP will make it reopen its log-file, if any.


  • Protocol: Fee estimates are now smoothed over time, to avoid sudden jumps.

  • Config: You can only announce one address if each type (IPv4, IPv6, TORv2, TORv3).

  • lightning-cli: the help command for a specific command now runs the man command.

  • HSM: The HSM daemon now maintains the per-peer secrets, rather than handing them out. It’s still lax in what it signs though.

  • connectd: A new daemon lightning_connectd handles connecting to/from peers, instead of gossipd doing that itself. lightning_openingd now handles peers immediately, even if they never actually open a channel.

  • Test: python-xdist is now a dependency for tests.

  • Logging: JSON connections no longer spam debug logs.

  • Routing: We no longer consider channels that are not usable either because of their capacity or their htlc_minimum_msat parameter (#1777)

  • We now try to connect to all known addresses for a peer, not just the one given or the first one announced.

  • Crash logs are now placed one-per file like crash.log.20180822233752

  • We will no longer allow withdrawing funds or funding channels if we do not have a fee estimate (eg. bitcoind not synced); use new feerate arg.



  • JSON API: listpeers results no long have alias and color fields; they’re in listnodes (we used to internally merge the information).

  • JSON API: listpeers will never have state field (it accidentally used to exist and set to GOSSIPING before we opened a channel). connected will indicate if we’re connected, and the channels array indicates individual channel states (if any).

  • Config: default-fee-rate is no longer available; use explicit feerate option if necessary.

  • Removed all Deprecated options from 0.6.


  • Protocol: node_announcement multiple addresses are correctly ordered and uniquified.

  • Protocol: if we can’t estimate feerate, be almost infinitely tolerant of other side setting fees to avoid unilateral close.

  • JSON API: listnodes: now displays node aliases and colors even if they don’t advertise a network address

  • JSON API: fundchannel all: now restricts to 2^24-1 satoshis rather than failing.

  • JSON API: listnodes: now correctly prints addresses if more than one is advertised.

  • Config: bind-addr of a publicly accessible network address was announced.

  • When we reconnect and have to retransmit failing HTLCs, the errors weren’t encrypted by us.

  • lightningd_config man page is now installed by make install.

  • Fixed crash when shutting down during opening a channel (#1737)

  • Don’t lose track of our own output when applying penalty transaction (#1738)

  • Protocol: channel_update inside error messages now refers to correct channel.

  • Stripping type prefix from channel_updates that are nested in an onion reply to be compatible with eclair and lnd (#1730).

  • Failing tests no longer delete the test directory, to allow easier debugging (Issue: #1599)


0.6 - 2018-06-22: “I Accidentally The Smart Contract”

In the prehistory of c-lightning, no changelog was kept. But major JSON API changes are tracked.

This release was named by Fabrice Drouin.


Note: You should always set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test for changes.

  • Config: port. Use addr=:<portnum>.

  • Config: ipaddr. Use addr.

  • Config: anchor-confirms. Use funding-confirms.

  • Config: locktime-blocks. Use watchtime-blocks.

  • Protocol: on closing we allow out-of-range offers, prior to spec fix 2018-01-30 (”BOLT 2: order closing-signed negotiation by making funder send first.” 90241d9cf60a598eac8fd839ac81e4093a161272)

  • JSON API: listinvoice command. Use listinvoices.

  • JSON API: invoice result fields paid_timestamp and expiry_time. Use paid_at and expires_at.

  • JSON API: invoice command field fallback. Use fallbacks.

  • JSON API: decodepay result fields timestamp and fallback. Use created_at and fallbacks.

  • JSON API: payment result fields timestamp. Use created_at.

  • JSON API: getinfo result field port. Use binding and address arrays.

  • JSON API: getlog result field creation_time. Use created_at.

  • JSON API: getpeers result field channel_reserve_satoshis. Use their_channel_reserve_satoshis.

  • JSON API: getpeers result field to_self_delay. Use their_to_self_delay.

Older versions

There predate the BOLT specifications, and are only of vague historic interest:

  1. 0.1 - 2015-08-08: “MtGox’s Cold Wallet” (named by Rusty Russell)

  2. 0.2 - 2016-01-22: “Butterfly Labs’ Timely Delivery” (named by Anthony Towns)

  3. 0.3 - 2016-05-25: “Nakamoto’s Genesis Coins” (named by Braydon Fuller)

  4. 0.4 - 2016-08-19: “Wright’s Cryptographic Proof” (named by Christian Decker)

  5. 0.5 - 2016-10-19: “Bitcoin Savings & Trust Daily Interest” (named by Glenn Willen)

  6. 0.5.1 - 2016-10-21

  7. 0.5.2 - 2016-11-21: “Bitcoin Savings & Trust Daily Interest II”