lightning-bkpr-inspect – Command to show onchain footprint of a channel


bkpr-inspect account


The bkpr-inspect RPC command lists all known on-chain transactions and associated events for the provided account. Useful for inspecting unilateral closes for a given channel account. Only valid for channel accounts.


On success, an object containing txs is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • txid (txid): transaction id
  • fees_paid_msat (msat): Amount paid in sats for this tx
  • outputs (array of objects):
    • account (string): Account this output affected
    • outnum (u32): Index of output
    • output_value_msat (msat): Value of the output
    • currency (string): human-readable bech32 part for this coin type
    • credit_msat (msat, optional): Amount credited to account
    • debit_msat (msat, optional): Amount debited from account
    • originating_account (string, optional): Account this output originated from
    • output_tag (string, optional): Description of output creation event
    • spend_tag (string, optional): Description of output spend event
    • spending_txid (txid, optional): Transaction this output was spent in
    • payment_id (hex, optional): lightning payment identifier. For an htlc, this will be the preimage.
  • blockheight (u32, optional): Blockheight of transaction


niftynei is mainly responsible.


lightning-listbalances(7), lightning-listfunds(7), lightning-listpeers(7).