lightning-bkpr-listbalances – Command for listing current channel + wallet balances




The bkpr-listbalances RPC command is a list of all current and historical account balances. An account is either the on-chain wallet or a channel balance. Any funds sent to an external account will not be accounted for here.

Note that any channel that was recorded will be listed. Closed channel balances will be 0msat.


On success, an object containing accounts is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • account (string): The account name. If the account is a channel, the channel_id
  • balances (array of objects):
    • balance_msat (msat): Current account balance
    • coin_type (string): coin type, same as HRP for bech32

If peer_id is present:

  • peer_id (pubkey): Node id for the peer this account is with
  • we_opened (boolean): Did we initiate this account open (open the channel)
  • account_closed (boolean):
  • account_resolved (boolean): Has this channel been closed and all outputs resolved?
  • resolved_at_block (u32, optional): Blockheight account resolved on chain


niftynei is mainly responsible.


lightning-bkpr-listincome(7), lightning-listfunds(7), lightning-bkpr-listaccountevents(7), lightning-bkpr-channelsapy(7), lightning-listpeers(7).