lightning-checkmessage – Command to check if a signature is from a node


checkmessage message zbase [pubkey]


The checkmessage RPC command is the counterpart to signmessage: given a node id (pubkey), signature (zbase) and a message, it verifies that the signature was generated by that node for that message (more technically: by someone who knows that node’s secret).

As a special case, if pubkey is not specified, we will try every known node key (as per listnodes), and verification succeeds if it matches for any one of them. Note: this is implemented far more efficiently than trying each one, so performance is not a concern.


On correct usage, an object with attribute verified will be returned.

If verified is true, the signature was generated by the returned pubkey for that given message. pubkey is the one specified as input, or if none was specified, the known node which must have produced this signature.

If verified is false, the signature is meaningless. pubkey may also be returned, which is they pubkey (if any) for which this signature would be valid. This is usually not useful.


Rusty Russell <> is mainly responsible.




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