lightning-decodepay – Command for decoding a bolt11 string (low-level)


decodepay bolt11 [description]


The decodepay RPC command checks and parses a bolt11 string as specified by the BOLT 11 specification.


On success, an object is returned with the following fields, as specified by BOLT11:

  • currency: the BIP173 name for the currency.

  • timestamp: the UNIX-style timestamp of the invoice.

  • expiry: the number of seconds this is valid after timestamp.

  • payee: the public key of the recipient.

  • payment_hash: the payment hash of the request.

  • signature: the DER-encoded signature.

  • description: the description of the purpose of the purchase (see below)

The following fields are optional:

  • msatoshi: the number of millisatoshi requested (if any).

  • amount_msat: the same as above, with msat appended (if any).

  • fallbacks: array of fallback address object containing a hex string, and both type and addr if it is recognized as one of P2PKH, P2SH, P2WPKH, or P2WSH.

  • routes: an array of routes. Each route is an arrays of objects, each containing pubkey, short_channel_id, fee_base_msat, fee_proportional_millionths and cltv_expiry_delta.

  • extra: an array of objects representing unknown fields, each with one-character tag and a data bech32 string.

Technically, the description field is optional if a description_hash field is given, but in this case decodepay will only succeed if the optional description field is passed and matches the description_hash. In practice, these are currently unused.


Rusty Russell <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-pay(7), lightning-getroute(7), lightning-sendpay(7).

BOLT #11.


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