lightning-getinfo – Command to receive all information about the c-lightning node.




The getinfo gives a summary of the current running node.


  "id": 82,
  "method": "getinfo",
  "params": {}


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • id (pubkey): The public key unique to this node

  • alias (string): The fun alias this node will advertize (up to 32 characters)

  • color (hex): The favorite RGB color this node will advertize (always 6 characters)

  • num_peers (u32): The total count of peers, connected or with channels

  • num_pending_channels (u32): The total count of channels being opened

  • num_active_channels (u32): The total count of channels in normal state

  • num_inactive_channels (u32): The total count of channels waiting for opening or closing transactions to be mined

  • version (string): Identifies what bugs you are running into

  • lightning-dir (string): Identifies where you can find the configuration and other related files

  • blockheight (u32): The highest block height we’ve learned

  • network (string): represents the type of network on the node are working (e.g: bitcoin, testnet, or regtest)

  • fees_collected_msat (msat): Total routing fees collected by this node

  • address (array of objects, optional): The addresses we announce to the world:

    • type (string): Type of connection (one of “ipv4”, “ipv6”, “torv2”, “torv3”, “websocket”)
    • port (u16): port number

    If type is “ipv4”, “ipv6”, “torv2” or “torv3”:

    • address (string): address in expected format for type
  • binding (array of objects, optional): The addresses we are listening on:

    • type (string): Type of connection (one of “local socket”, “ipv4”, “ipv6”, “torv2”, “torv3”)
    • address (string, optional): address in expected format for type
    • port (u16, optional): port number
    • socket (string, optional): socket filename (only if type is “local socket”)

The following warnings may also be returned:

  • warning_bitcoind_sync: Bitcoind is not up-to-date with network.
  • warning_lightningd_sync: Lightningd is still loading latest blocks from bitcoind.

On failure, one of the following error codes may be returned:

  • -32602: Error in given parameters or some error happened during the command process.


   "id": "02bf811f7571754f0b51e6d41a8885f5561041a7b14fac093e4cffb95749de1a8d",
   "alias": "SLICKERGOPHER",
   "color": "02bf81",
   "num_peers": 0,
   "num_pending_channels": 0,
   "num_active_channels": 0,
   "num_inactive_channels": 0,
   "address": [
         "type": "torv3",
         "address": "fp463inc4w3lamhhduytrwdwq6q6uzugtaeapylqfc43agrdnnqsheyd.onion",
         "port": 9736
         "type": "torv3",
         "address": "ifnntp5ak4homxrti2fp6ckyllaqcike447ilqfrgdw64ayrmkyashid.onion",
         "port": 9736
   "binding": [
         "type": "ipv4",
         "address": "",
         "port": 9736
   "version": "0.9.0",
   "blockheight": 644297,
   "network": "bitcoin",
   "msatoshi_fees_collected": 0,
   "fees_collected_msat": "0msat",
   "lightning-dir": "/media/vincent/Maxtor/C-lightning/node/bitcoin"


Vincenzo Palazzo <> wrote the initial version of this man page, but many others did the hard work of actually implementing this rpc command.


lightning-connect(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-listconfigs(7).


Main web site: comment: # ( SHA256STAMP:8374064ca0f95ab0c20d3edaf7f3742316af98f4d1e0e8de88922524f1ea3ce5)