lightning-listforwards – Command showing all htlcs and their information


listforwards [status] [in_channel] [out_channel]


The listforwards RPC command displays all htlcs that have been attempted to be forwarded by the c-lightning node.

If status is specified, then only the forwards with the given status are returned. status can be either offered or settled or failed or local_failed

If in_channel or out_channel is specified, then only the matching forwards on the given in/out channel are returned.


On success, an object containing forwards is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • in_channel (short_channel_id): the channel that received the HTLC
  • in_msat (msat): the value of the incoming HTLC
  • status (string): still ongoing, completed, failed locally, or failed after forwarding (one of “offered”, “settled”, “local_failed”, “failed”)
  • received_time (number): the UNIX timestamp when this was received
  • out_channel (short_channel_id, optional): the channel that the HTLC was forwarded to
  • payment_hash (hex, optional): payment hash sought by HTLC (always 64 characters)

If out_channel is present:

  • fee_msat (msat): the amount this paid in fees
  • out_msat (msat): the amount we sent out the out_channel

If status is “settled” or “failed”:

  • resolved_time (number): the UNIX timestamp when this was resolved

If status is “local_failed” or “failed”:

  • failcode (u32, optional): the numeric onion code returned
  • failreason (string, optional): the name of the onion code returned


Rene Pickhardt <> is mainly responsible.