lightning-listfunds – Command showing all funds currently managed by the c-lightning node


listfunds [spent]


The listfunds RPC command displays all funds available, either in unspent outputs (UTXOs) in the internal wallet or funds locked in currently open channels.

spent is a boolean: if true, then the outputs will include spent outputs in addition to the unspent ones. Default is false.


On success two arrays will be returned: outputs with funds currently locked onchain in UTXOs and channels with funds readily spendable in channels.

Each entry in outputs will include:

  • txid

  • output (the index of the output in the transaction)

  • value (the output value in satoshis)

  • amount_msat (the same as value, but in millisatoshi with msat appended)

  • address

  • scriptpubkey (the ScriptPubkey of the output, in hex)

  • redeemscript (the redeemscript of the output, in hex, only if it’s p2sh-wrapped)

  • status (whether unconfirmed, confirmed, or spent)

  • reserved (whether this is UTXO is currently reserved for an in-flight tx)

Each entry in channels will include:

  • peer_id - the peer with which the channel is opened.

  • short_channel_id - as per BOLT 7 (representing the block, transaction number and output index of the channel funding transaction).

  • channel_sat - available satoshis on our node’s end of the channel (values rounded down to satoshis as internal storage is in millisatoshi).

  • our_amount_msat - same as above, but in millisatoshis with msat appended.

  • channel_total_sat - total channel value in satoshi

  • amount_msat - same as above, but in millisatoshis with msat appended.

  • funding_txid - funding transaction id.

  • funding_output - the index of the output in the funding transaction.

  • connected - whether the channel peer is connected.

  • state - the channel state, in particular CHANNELD_NORMAL means the channel can be used normally.


Felix <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-newaddr(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-withdraw(7), lightning-listtransactions(7)


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