lightning-listinvoicerequests – Command for querying invoice_request status


listinvoicerequests [invreq_id] [active_only]


The listinvoicerequests RPC command gets the status of a specific invoice_request, if it exists, or the status of all invoice_requests if given no argument.

A specific invoice can be queried by providing the invreq_id, which is presented by lightning-invoicerequest(7), or can be calculated from a bolt12 invoice. If active_only is true (default is false) then only active invoice_requests are returned.


On success, an object containing invoicerequests is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • invreq_id (hash): the SHA256 hash of all invoice_request fields less than 160
  • active (boolean): whether the invoice_request is currently active
  • single_use (boolean): whether the invoice_request will become inactive after we pay an invoice for it
  • bolt12 (string): the bolt12 string starting with lnr
  • used (boolean): whether the invoice_request has already been used
  • label (string, optional): the label provided when creating the invoice_request


Rusty Russell <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-invoicerequests(7), lightning-disableinvoicerequest(7).