lightning-listinvoices – Command for querying invoice status


listinvoices [label]


The listinvoices RPC command gets the status of a specific invoice, if it exists, or the status of all invoices if given no argument.


On success, an array invoices of objects is returned. Each object contains label, payment_hash, status (one of unpaid, paid or expired), payment_preimage (for paid invoices), and expiry_time (a UNIX timestamp). If the msatoshi argument to lightning-invoice(7) was not “any”, there will be an msatoshi field as a number, and amount_msat as the same number ending in msat. If the invoice status is paid, there will be a pay_index field and an msatoshi_received field (which may be slightly greater than msatoshi as some overpaying is permitted to allow clients to obscure payment paths); there will also be an amount_received_msat field with the same number as msatoshi_received but ending in msat.


Rusty Russell <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-waitinvoice(7), lightning-delinvoice(7), lightning-invoice(7).