lightning-listpays – Command for querying payment status


listpays [bolt11]


The listpay RPC command gets the status of all pay commands, or a single one if bolt11 is specified.


On success, an array of objects is returned. Each object contains:

bolt11 the bolt11 argument given to pay (see below for exceptions).

status one of complete, failed or pending.

payment_preimage (if status is complete) proves payment was received.

label optional label, if provided to pay.

amount_sent_msat total amount sent, in “NNNmsat” format.

For old payments (pre-0.7) we didn’t save the bolt11 string, so in its place are three other fields:

payment_hash the hash of the payment_preimage which will prove payment.

destination the final destination of the payment.

amount_msat the amount the destination received, in “NNNmsat” format.

These three can all be extracted from bolt11, hence are obsolete.


Rusty Russell <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-pay(7), lightning-paystatus(7), lightning-listsendpays(7).