lightning-listpeers – Command returning data on connected lightning nodes


listpeers [id] [level]


The listpeers RPC command returns data on nodes that are connected or are not connected but have open channels with this node.

Once a connection to another lightning node has been established, using the connect command, data on the node can be returned using listpeers and the id that was used with the connect command.

If no id is supplied, then data on all lightning nodes that are connected, or not connected but have open channels with this node, are returned.

Supplying id will filter the results to only return data on a node with a matching id, if one exists.

Supplying level will show log entries related to that peer at the given log level. Valid log levels are “io”, “debug”, “info”, and “unusual”.

If a channel is open with a node and the connection has been lost, then the node will still appear in the output of the command and the value of the connected attribute of the node will be “false”.

The channel will remain open for a set blocktime, after which if the connection has not been re-established, the channel will close and the node will no longer appear in the command output.


On success, an object with a “peers” key is returned containing a list of 0 or more objects.

Each object in the list contains the following data:

  • id : The unique id of the peer
  • connected : A boolean value showing the connection status
  • netaddr : A list of network addresses the node is listening on
  • features : Bit flags showing supported features (BOLT #9)
  • channels : An list of channel id’s open on the peer
  • log : Only present if level is set. List logs related to the peer at the specified level

If id is supplied and no matching nodes are found, a “peers” object with an empty list is returned.

On error the returned object will contain code and message properties, with code being one of the following:

  • -32602: If the given parameters are wrong.


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