lightning-newaddr – Command for generating a new address to be used by Core Lightning


newaddr [ addresstype ]


The newaddr RPC command generates a new address which can subsequently be used to fund channels managed by the Core Lightning node.

The funding transaction needs to be confirmed before funds can be used.

addresstype specifies the type of address wanted; i.e. p2sh-segwit (e.g. 2MxaozoqWwiUcuD9KKgUSrLFDafLqimT9Ta on bitcoin testnet or 3MZxzq3jBSKNQ2e7dzneo9hy4FvNzmMmt3 on bitcoin mainnet) or bech32 (e.g. tb1qu9j4lg5f9rgjyfhvfd905vw46eg39czmktxqgg on bitcoin testnet or bc1qwqdg6squsna38e46795at95yu9atm8azzmyvckulcc7kytlcckxswvvzej on bitcoin mainnet). The special value all generates both address types for the same underlying key.

If no addresstype is specified the address generated is a bech32 address.

To send an on-chain payment from the Core Lightning node wallet, use withdraw.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • bech32 (string, optional): The bech32 (native segwit) address
  • p2sh-segwit (string, optional): The p2sh-wrapped address


If an unrecognized address type is requested an error message will be returned.


Felix <> is mainly responsible.


lightning-listfunds(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-withdraw(7), lightning-listtransactions(7)