lightning-openchannel_abort – Command to abort a channel to a peer


openchannel_abort channel_id


openchannel_init is a low level RPC command which initiates a channel open with a specified peer. It uses the openchannel protocol which allows for interactive transaction construction.

channel_id is id of this channel.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • channel_id (hex): the channel id of the aborted channel (always 64 characters)
  • channel_canceled (boolean): whether this is completely canceled (there may be remaining in-flight transactions)
  • reason (string): usually “Abort requested”, but if it happened to fail at the same time it could be different

On error the returned object will contain code and message properties, with code being one of the following:

  • -32602: If the given parameters are wrong.
  • -1: Catchall nonspecific error.
  • 305: Peer is not connected.
  • 311: Unknown channel id.
  • 312: Channel in an invalid state


lightning-openchannel_init(7), lightning-openchannel_update(7), lightning-openchannel_signed(7), lightning-openchannel_bump(7), lightning-fundchannel_start(7), lightning-fundchannel_complete(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-fundpsbt(7), lightning-utxopsbt(7), lightning-multifundchannel(7)


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