lightning-openchannel_update – Command to update a collab channel open


openchannel_update channel_id psbt


openchannel_update is a low level RPC command which continues an open channel, as specified by channel_id. An updated psbt is passed in; any changes from the PSBT last returned (either from openchannel_init or a previous call to openchannel_update) will be communicated to the peer.

Must be called after openchannel_init and before openchannel_signed.

Must be called until commitments_secured is returned as true, at which point openchannel_signed should be called with a signed version of the PSBT returned by the last call to openchannel_update.

channel_id is the id of the channel.

psbt is the updated PSBT to be sent to the peer. May be identical to the PSBT last returned by either openchannel_init or openchannel_update.


On success, returns the channel_id for this channel; an updated, potentially complete psbt for this channel’s funding transaction; and the flag commitments_secured, which indicates the completeness of the returned psbt. If commitments_secured is true, caller should proceed with signing the returned PSBT and calling openchannel_signed to complete the channel open.

If commitments_secured is true, will also return:

  • The derived channel_id.

  • A close_to script, iff a close_to address was provided to openchannel_init and the peer supports option_upfront_shutdownscript.

  • The funding_outnum, the index of the funding output for this channel in the funding transaction.

  • -32602: If the given parameters are wrong.

  • -1: Catchall nonspecific error.

  • 305: Peer is not connected.

  • 309: PSBT missing required fields

  • 311: Unknown channel id.

  • 312: Channel in an invalid state


lightning-openchannel_init(7), lightning-openchannel_signed(7), lightning-openchannel_bump(7), lightning-openchannel_abort(7), lightning-fundchannel_start(7), lightning-fundchannel_complete(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-fundpsbt(7), lightning-utxopsbt(7), lightning-multifundchannel(7)


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